Picture Gallery

Here are some of my original paintings and there are more in the Portfolio Section:

All images in this site are:

¬©Cristina Recto-Hansen.  CristinArt. All rights reserved by the artist.

Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina and Friends, 12 in. x 16 in., 2014

Angel of The Rainbows Art Print

 Angel of the Rainbows, Original Watercolor, 11in. x 17 in., 2010

Maris and Beluga, Original Watercolor, 18 in. x 24 in., 2010

 Nautilus Queen, Orginal Watercolor,

18 in.  x 24 in., 2010

Mermaids and Dolphins Riding Waves Art Print

 Cerista and Hartiss, Original Watercolor, 18  x 24 in., 2011  

       Peacock Fairy, Original Watercolor, 12 in.x 16 in., 2014


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